Traffic Offenses

If you are like many people, once a police officer has issued you a traffic ticket you believe there are no choices except to pay the fine and accept any other consequences. That is not true. You have options.

Traffic offenses are similar to any other criminal case. Like other cases, a prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. On a daily basis, people with criminal defense lawyers in courts all around Ohio are able to minimize the consequences of a traffic ticket. Simply because the police officer issued you a citation does not necessarily mean you are guilty of the charge on the traffic ticket. Many times, after the prosecutor meets with a defense lawyer, the prosecutor will provide a plea bargain that minimizes your consequences.

For instance, did you know that on many streets in Ohio, if you're a driving within 5 mph of the posted speed limit the bureau of motor vehicles will not asses any points to your driver's license? This is called a moving violation with 0 points. Depending on your driving record, many prosecutors will provide this break for you even if you were traveling faster. But, remember: while most people think, "great, no points, I'll take it," you must be aware that moving violations still get reported to your insurance carrier. For this reason (among others), it's imperative to discuss your case with a qualified Ohio criminal defense attorney.

At Valore & Gordillo we have successfully negotiated positive results with prosecutors all around Northeast Ohio. Through our experience in dealing with the various courts, judges, and prosecutors in the greater Cleveland area, we sometimes are able to reach an agreement changing a moving violation to a non-moving violation. What's the difference? Many non-moving violations do not get reported to the bureau of motor vehicles and, in turn, your insurance rates remain intact. An added bonus? No points are assessed to your driving record.

Although we can't guarantee any result, you should know a traffic ticket can have immediate and expense consequences. Traffic tickets such as: speeding, reckless operation, and failure to control cause higher insurance rates, create points on your driving record, and can even result in your license being suspended. Each different traffic offense has different consequences. And, for each person, depending on the traffic offense against you, the court, and your personal driving record, your life may be affected in a number of different ways. For example, if you have a commercial driver's license and your job is dependent upon your valid license, even one moving violation can cause high risk insurance, and then possibly the loss of your job. Indeed, traffic tickets can be more than just a fine.

We can help fight the case when appropriate, and try to minimize consequences when it's the best option. This can result in lower fines, less points, and the preservation of your driving privileges. And, in many instances, we can make it so you do not have to personally attend each court appearance. This saves your most important asset - time.

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