Juvenile Crimes

Under Ohio law, when a child under 18 years old commits a crime it is not actually called a crime. It is legally referred to as an act of "delinquency". There are many differences between defending an adult and defending a juvenile. For instance, adults have the right to a jury trial. With only a few exceptions called serious youthful offender cases, juvenile crimes do not permit a trial by jury. Instead, a juvenile judge will oversee the trial and play the role of the sole juror.

Interestingly, in juvenile delinquency cases, the court's primary goal is not punishment. It is rehabilitation. That it is not to suggest that a juvenile court will not impose a punishment upon a child who is found to be delinquent. In fact, depending on the crime, a child found to be delinquent can be placed into jail for children. In Ohio, it is called the Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS). Other possible punishments include: reform schools, home detention with electronic monitoring, and probation.

Because rehabilitation is a top priority for the court, your child's criminal defense lawyer must take time to learn your child's unique background. Your child's lawyer must know how to use your child's positive characteristics to your child's advantage in the case. Without question, a good child can make a bad choice or be in the wrong crowd at the wrong time. At Valore & Gordillo we will take the time to both evaluate the strength of the prosecutor's case and understand your child's history.

As former prosecutors, our criminal defense attorneys have handled hundreds of criminal cases, and understand the criminal laws of Ohio. Their experience can help you get the best results.

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