Federal Criminal Defense

Whether it is a federal drug crime or a white collar crime such as bank fraud or embezzlement, the federal court and federal sentencing guidelines impose severe penalties. The federal sentencing guidelines generally guide the judge on the sentence. Understanding how to reduce the sentencing within the guideline is critical, and an experienced criminal defense attorney can aid your defense by introducing factors that may reduce your sentence. One of the most influential factors within the guideline is a person's prior criminal record.

In many cases, the federal prosecutor, referred to as an Assistant United States Attorney, and the FBI or DEA, will investigate for months and even years before charging somebody with a federal crime. The best time to get a criminal defense lawyer is as soon as you become aware of the federal investigation. This is when a criminal defense lawyer can help most. Depending on the circumstances, it may or may not be in your best interest to cooperate with the federal government. In some situations, early cooperation and exchange of information can result in a significant reduction in prison or even the complete avoidance of prosecution. But, this decision should be made with caution. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can ensure any deal you make is in your best interest. Additionally, a lawyer can ensure that any decision made by you will be done with a clear understanding of the potential benefits and consequences.

If you are charged with a federal crime or are under federal investigation, you need to call a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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