Drug Offenses

If you, a family member, or a friend, are currently facing drug charges, you need a qualified Ohio criminal defense lawyer immediately. There are major penalties connected to drug crimes. Regardless of the offense (drug trafficking, drug possession, illegal distribution of drugs, or manufacturing drugs), a drug charge carries the possibility of prison.

Carrying just a small amount of marijuana? There still may be significant and life affecting consequences. For instance, people convicted of a possession of marijuana, or any other drug related offense in Ohio, may be ineligible to receive student loans. Your driver's license will be suspended. Convictions for drug related offenses can also prevent you from obtaining or maintaining professional licenses. For example, if a registered nurse or physician is convicted of a drug offense, it must be reported by the government to state health care agencies. A drug conviction will also create a permanent criminal record. Your criminal record can be accessed by potential employers, potential lenders, and many others.

If you have already been charged with drug trafficking, or something similar, your next issue is your first court date. This is your initial appearance and it happens only days after you have been charged. At this point, you may either have a bond set or the court will temporarily detain you until a hearing can be held to determine the appropriate bond. Bonds come in various amounts depending on the facts of each case. Often times, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help keep your bond low enough to allow you out of jail.

Without a doubt, each case is completely different. Most importantly, each of our clients have their own unique personal history. Your prior life experiences can often times make the difference in the final resolution of your case. Your Ohio criminal defense lawyer should take the time to understand your background and should know how to use it to your advantage. For example, a defense attorney may be able to negotiate a first offenders program for you. These alternative programs may result in a complete dismissal of the charges against you. Your defense lawyer also must have experience handling criminal drug cases and drug laws so he can understand when your constitutional rights have been violated.

As a former prosecutors, our criminal defense attorneys have handled over a hundred drug cases, and understand the Ohio drug laws. Their experience can help you get the best results.

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